tirsdag 9. februar 2016

Travelling Time

Spriten Kunsthalle
February 5th–March 12th

An exhibition and publication of image material captured from travels in Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Riga.


May 26th - June 7th 2014
A journey in Helsinki, from bourgeois Eira to working class Kallio.

Petersburg Dolphin

August 31st - September 4th 2015
Days with movements above and below ground of St. Petersburg, back and forth between center of town and periphery.

Black Mountain wanderer

October 19th - October 23th 2015
Tallinn, Mustamäe, five days in a sea of building complexes from the Soviet era

Train of thoughts

November 23th -November 27th 2015
Riga, days and nights at the edge of city center.